1. WonderQuest & Decentraland



BYO Studios is working alongside the developer team at Decentraland to open up and pioneer PORTABLE EXPERIENCES, which will basically allow owners of BYOPills to experience your “Trip” anywhere in Decentraland, starting with the official collaboration with WonderQuest, presented by Alison Wonderland.

The collaboration acts as a “test run” on different ways to integrate portable experiences in Decentraland and how BYOPills can be used to enhance your metaverse experience going forward. As you can imagine, working with the team at Decentraland and implementing such a new feature in the largest decentralized metaverse will take time, so BYO Studios will be taking it step by step, starting with phase 1 (applying trips in a specific land, in this case in WonderQuest’s land and the future facility of the BYOVERSE) and then branching out to phase 2 (applying trips across the whole world).

Alison Wonderland is a world-renowned Australian electronic dance music producer, DJ, and singer. She launched her own NFT project called “WonderQuest” on November 28th, 2021. The launch was kicked off with a cathedral aka “Temple of Wonderland” in Decentraland, a virtual clubhouse owned and built by WonderQuest which acts as a music venue going forward. As music events and live shows take place in the future, the BYO Studios team will be using the venue to test different experiences and integrations to bring BYOPill holders an epic metaverse experience!


Partnership Update 1

BYOPill holders was able to exclusively participate in WonderQuest’s “The Temple of Wonderland” event, a RED ROCKS after party show, in which the headliners of the live show at Red Rocks (Alison Wonderland, ELOHIM and Valentino Khan) performed at WonderQuest’s brand new scene at The Temple of Wonderland in Decentraland!

‍As part of the collaboration, pill holders was able to participate in “Quest #2 - WonderPotion”, a series of quests in Decentraland exclusive to both WonderQuest and/or BYOPill holders. Those who participated in the quests was rewarded and able to experience a “remixed” version of the show, with a BYOPill twist.

Partnership Update 2

BYOPill owners may have seen an airdrop from WonderQuest x BYOP in their wallet and asked if this was legit. Yes, it is! You didn’t expect to quest around and enter the Temple of Wonderland in Decentraland without our tripped out version of the WonderQuest robe + cloak, did you?