1. Council of Kingz



Council of Kingz (CoK), is a Metaverse real estate acquisition project that is raising investible funds through the release of their 7,777 unique Kingz NFTs. CoK is one of the first projects to incorporate community governance through metaverse property holdings by owning a Council of Kingz NFT, allowing holders to gain direct exposure to the metaverses and virtual real estate without going through the various barriers to entry or required skillset. Kingz NFT holders will later be rewarded through what they call MARS (Marketing Allocation Rewards Strategy) - more information on that is on their website.

How Does the Partnership Work?

As part of the partnership, CoK plans to invest 20-25 ETH in BYOLand and other BYO collections shortly after their upcoming launch with the goal to strategically manage their lands upon BYOVERSE launch and/or rent out other assets for long-term passive income that will be used to continue the growth of their portfolio.