The Crucible

This is where everything started. But what is everything? The Apostles? The Ingredients? Or something more ancient and more terrible?

Wind's Arm

Swept by the strong winds that constantly switch directions, this strip of land is isolated from the rest of the BYOVerse, making its creeks a shelter for those who can bear its harsh climate, and a trap for the many ships and sailors that can’t.

Welcoming Hills

Among those hills lay the remains of what was once a thriving and flourishing city. Whatever caused its destruction left no chance to its citizens, but the north-east part was somehow spared, or rebuilt, after a long period of decay.

Swept Lands

Stuck between the dry slope of the Blessed Coast Range and the Crucible, these lands don’t seem to have managed to recover from whatever ravaged them in the past. Made of hills and flattened canyons, they are the tombs of animal life forms that could not adapt to whatever happened.

The Desolation

The largest desert by far, the Desolation is despite its name a place where life has managed to find its way to thrive. Testimonies of a different geological past can still be found, especially in the central part of the desert that hosts the last oasis, a haven of relief for those who manage to reach it.

Primordial Jungle

Fed by the heavy rain that fills the rivers streaming down from the Spine, this thick jungle has some of the biggest trees ever seen in the BYOVerse. It is also said that the luxurious flora has covered ancient ruins and facilities yet undiscovered.

Tainted Grove

According to local legends, this forest was once the most beautiful in the BYOVerse, home to a very special tree. Trees are still there, but they mutated into something very different, less welcoming and more dangerous.

The Furnace

Stuck between two volcanic regions, and deprived of rainfall by the Spine, this desert is not a place one wishes to live in. Only the most daring looters will venture on the north coast to explore its abandoned harbors.

Blessed Coast

Steady rainfalls and access to nearby sea and mountains have created a luxuriant but dangerous jungle on this young and thriving strip of land.

Old Atlas

Probably the oldest mountain range of the planet, this area might hide very interesting remnants that will shed light on the past of the surrounding regions or even the BYOVerse itself.

Salt Gulf

This region is entirely open to the cold southern winds that rush between the hills and islands, steadily delivering their load of salt.


There are clear signs showing this region became a central hub of the southern hemisphere at some point. It did not remain that way though, and now reaching the town to the far south-west has become a dangerous endeavor.


Many ruins show that these lands were once very populated and active, but today only the town to the eastern coast survives, benefiting from its proximity with the Death Lips and the main north-east road that crosses the Teeth.

World’s Edge

This forlorn wasteland, stuck in the far north-east, has not totally been forgotten, and owes that to the fact that it is the safest route between the central and eastern parts of the BYOVerse.

Lost Veins

Old transcriptions, supposed to have been extracted from the Old Monastery, tell the story of rich ore veins that have disappeared after the jagged landscape of this old mountain range changed mysteriously.

Arid Maw

Probably the driest desert on the planet, home to strange ruins, surrounded by volcanic areas, high peaks and no man’s land. Lots of opportunities in this region, but as many deadly threats.

Basalt Jaws

Like two monstrous jaws, these twin volcanic regions will grind whoever tries to explore them, forcing them to adapt to their constantly changing landscape, sculpted by both earthquakes, sudden sea tides, and eruptions.

Incisor Ridge

The peaks of this dense mountain range look as dangerous as the creatures that live there. Crossing this region is a challenge in itself that the local tribes have even raised as a rite of passage.

Death Lips

There are so many rivers in this jungle it literally becomes a mangrove in some cases, but beware the deadly kiss of its carnivorous plants and snakes…

Forest of Death

Why did this forest become sterile, and what ruins hide at its heart? Expeditions have been sent from the south and the north to fathom those mysteries, but none returned.

Salty Woods

The forests of this isolated plateau are constantly beaten by the winds and its cliffs by the waves, making it an unwelcoming place that seems to have never attracted the interest of explorers. It might nonetheless hold its own mysteries and precious resources.

The Astroverse

These fractured lands float in low orbit, and seem to be the remains of a former satellite stuck at the limit of the atmosphere. Therefore, they are a very cold rocky place exposed to spatial radiation. The reason why they are not falling on the planet is one more mystery to decipher by those prepared enough to explore these unwelcoming floating islands.

Cloud 10

This orbital station lies in the upper atmosphere above the ocean, on a huge floating rocky plateau exposed to the winds and forming clouds, but also spatial radiation and cold air. It seems to be maintained in orbit by strange devices that defy the laws of gravity consuming some of the most precious ores of the planet. Who put it there, and for what purpose, remains to be determined.


This region is unaccessible by normal means of transportation because of an energetic barrier that contains what is inside. Given the rumors about radiation levels, a crash site the size of a mountain, and strange forms of life that irradiate psychic energy, maybe it’s for the better. Will that be enough to stop the greed of the most blunt explorators? Only history will tell.

The Surge

Whoever manages to cross the Spine to the west puts himself between a rock and a hard place. Choosing this insanely huge wall of lava is the dry and hot option, and one should not consider the southern slope of the volcanic range as a better option, as the waters of Agonizing Sea are toxic, hot and too salty.

The Northlands

These unwelcoming lands are situated on a plateau delimited by the Spine to the south. Whoever controls them controls the access to the Frigid Plains to the north.

The Spine

This massive mountain range is the youngest and tallest in the BYOVerse. It also serves as a natural barrier between the central regions of the BYOVerse and its western part. A destroyed facility is said to be hidden among its north-western peaks.

Frigid Plains

In the extreme north of the BYOVerse, on a high altitude plateau, these unwelcoming lands are home to very aggressive and psychically harmful creatures whose hearts seem to be as cold as the area. It is also said that a very precious place is hidden in these freezing cold lands, to be found only in case of emergency…

Weeping Marsh

Whoever manages to cross the Spine to the west puts himself between a rock and a hard place. Choosing the Weeping Marshes is the wet option, as going further to the west of these lands means getting more and more into highly radioactive swamps and bayous.

Three Rivers

Compared to its north and eastern neighboring regions, this jungle might look like a paradise, with its three huge rivers leading to the only sizable town of the western part of the main continent. This would almost be true if only the river and jungle fauna weren’t so dangerous.

North Providence

Whatever the reason was for calling these lands Providence, it doesn’t apply anymore nowadays, although some people still manage to maintain a foothold among the haunted ruins of a now-extinct civilization.

South Providence

Isolated from the main continent, this region might have been a blessing for the people who settled there, maybe thanks to the mineral resources from the Moon-Tainted Range. Today it’s only a mere shadow of what it once was, although some people still launch expeditions from the nearby town to plunder the haunted ruins of a now-extinct civilization.

The Maze

This area is one of the most intriguing mysteries of the BYOVerse, as nothing seems to really explain its jagged landscape. Its cliffs and canyons are still largely unexplored though, waiting to reveal their secrets.

The Moon-Tainted Range / Moon-Tainted Coast

This old mountain range owes its name to some rumors about veins of precious ores that reflect the moonlight. Maybe they were heavily exploited by the people in the north-west?

Washed Coast

These shores are subject to unusually high tidal coefficients, causing the lands to be regularly submerged, hence the name of the coast. Life had to adapt, creating new dangers and new opportunities to the daring adventurer.

Sleeping Hills

Compared to the fury of the eastern volcanic area, these hills are surprisingly silent. Although the absence of life forms might be a good explanation, there are some who think something hides in between the soft slopes, whispering secrets only to those who know how to listen.

The Rip

According to some ancient tales, this extremely volcanic region was given its name after a god struck the planet, ripping it and spilling its warm blood in the ocean, creating as many islands.

Komo Caves

Hidden between mountains, desert, and volcanoes, these caves are a living hell: both very hot and very dry, they still attract those who dare to risk the precious ores’ radiations and dust levels. Moreover, they are inhabited by dangerous troglodytes creatures that fiercely defend the ore veins of the caves as if they were sacred to them.

Oblivion Void

Lost in a dimensional vortex, this place is subject to high radiation levels and dangerous ethereal threats, but the treasures it contains are probably worth the risk for those who are prepared to fight a living nightmare. Is it the place where Boris was headed when he disappeared? No one knows for sure…