BYOPills are core to the BYOVERSE and to the project as a whole.

BYOPills acts as different types of consumables that provide power-ups, ability boosts, and/or visual effects across blockchain games and virtual worlds. Owning a BYOPill also gives access to future drops including BYOVERSE in-game, utility-driven 3D assets, merch and more. BYOPills will also power everything in the BYOVERSE and allow users to craft consumable versions of their pill.


BYOPills owners were given the ability to mint a free BYOKey which unlocked the Apostles. Founders made it clear, that holders should expect these type of drops for major collections they will release in the future (with similar minting mechanics based on pill traits). Recently, holders experienced minting access to BYOVapes which provided access to mint a BYOLand and BYOCraft custom to the holders Apostles if they owned one at the time of the mint.

BYOPills acts as a blueprint enabling the holder to craft consumable versions of their unique pill in the BYOVERSE by gathering resources. These consumables can be infused with certain items to “power-up” weapons/hovercraft etc., granting UNIQUE abilities based on the pill. The consumable version of a pill can also be “consumed” if the pill owner holds an Apostle, which grants unique power-ups as well. Those with no BYOPills can “rent” or “buy” the consumables in-game.



BYOPills are metaverse consumables that provides access to different power ups, ability boosts, etc. in future game partners (example: Galaxy Fight Club).

As BYOPills are integrated in more future blockchain games and metaverses, their utility will continue to increase.


Everything in the BYOVERSE is BYOEncrypted which requires you to inhale your BYOPill through a special device, the BYOVape, for verification, granting you access to certain areas of the BYOVERSE including the BYOP Facility and its restricted areas, while also being used to power up certain items.

This means that all future drops that require $TRYP will also require you to own a BYOPill. The BYOPill will be needed to gain access to the future Store/Marketplace.

Tier Token Generation

BYOPills unlocks Tier Token Generation, allowing holders to own more $TRYP based on the tier of their Apostles and BYOLand, but will also provide a multiplier as mentioned above.


BYOPills are required to access the future BYOVERSE marketplace.

The number of pills owned will equal to the number of items one can purchase using $TRYP.

For example, if you have 10 pills and a certain weapon collection was dropped, you can buy up to 10 weapons as long as you can afford it with $TRYP.