Tiers & Traits

There exists four tiers of Apostles, and a general tiered BYOCraft, which sums to five total Tier-Specific BYOCrafts. Each tier has its own unique and generative set of traits & utility.

From left: Psychonaut craft, Ancient craft, and Voyager craft

From left: Psychonaut craft, Ancient craft, and Voyager craft.

Apostles defined the tier and BYOPills defined the traits.

BYOPills had an impact on the probability of rarer craft traits. Each Pill was assigned a score based on its traits and sum of trip levels. 50% of the point system was derived from a pills physical traits (e.g. background, aura, pill top) and the remaining 50% was derived from the sum of trip levels.

Each pill is assigned to different probability buckets based on their total point score, with higher points equaling higher probability of rarer craft traits.

BYOCraft disassembled to showcase traits

BYOCraft disassembled to showcase traits.

Stats & Leveling System

Aside from traits, BYOCraft metadata includes upgradable Craft Level, Experience Points (EXP) & Stats. All crafts start at level 1, with the ability to level up and improve its stats. The level cap will be set at 15 initially. EXP to level up is gained from races (including the mini racer game) and other future events to be released within the BYOVERSE.

Stats include:

  • Acceleration - affects the rate of which the craft can increase its speed
  • Durability - affects the ability for the craft to withstand damage
  • Max Speed - affects how fast a craft can move
  • Handling - affects responsiveness of the craft, specifically in turns

At level 1, all crafts are randomly assigned an equal number of stat points across the 4 different stats. However, as one levels up their craft, they will receive “X” amount of stat points to allocate, creating their own unique build. Craft tier affects the number of EXP gained per race & other events.

For example: An Ancient-tier craft will gain more EXP per race than a Psychonaut-tier craft, allowing the holder to level it up faster. However, the EXP differential won’t be significant, and will still require a grind.

Leveling up your craft and improving its stats will be updated directly and reflected in your NFT, rewarding gamers and those who like to grind another way to play & earn value.

A Voyager Apostle resting on its Tier-Specific BYOCraft

A Voyager Apostle resting on its Tier-Specific BYOCraft.

Craft Rarity

Craft traits will tie directly to craft stats, granting immediate utility. Although all level 1 crafts will get an equal number of stat points randomly allocated across the 4 stats, craft traits will provide additional permanent stat boosts reflected in your metadata. The rarer the craft tier, the better collection of craft parts it has which means overall higher permanent boosts to stats. The rarer the pill, the higher probability of getting rarer traits within that collection. Perhaps each tier of craft leans more to a certain stat than the other.

For example: A Psycho-tier craft will have a common engine that provides +3 to Max Speed, while a Voyager-tier craft will have a common engine that provides +1 to Max Speed.


Play & Earn

BYOCrafts will allow you to play & earn starting with the racer mini-game, which will then be integrated within the BYOVERSE. Every racer will be rewarded for participating and completing a race with TRYP/in-game currency. The reward will be based on the Apostle riding the craft and not your position in the race. Details on earnings will be released closer to mini-game launch.

For example: an Ancient riding a craft will earn more than a Voyager per race, who will in turn earn more than a Generic Avatar (A craft with no owned Apostle). This allows Craft owners that lack an Apostle to play and earn, but at a lower rate than an Apostle owner.

Furthermore, to reward skill level & players who are grinding and leveling up their craft, a daily/weekly leaderboard will be established with the top players receiving TRYP/in-game currency rewards.

Leveling System

BYOCrafts can gain EXP and level up via racing and other future BYOVERSE activities. Leveling up grants you additional stat points to allocate to your craft, improving it to gain an edge in racing, future activities, unlock future content/items, or for a better experience commuting around the BYOVERSE. Levels and stat changes will be reflected in your NFT’s metadata.

Upgradeable Attachments

Aside from the existing attachments, you will be able to add additional attachments with unique utility either through crafting or via the TRYP Marketplace in the future that will help with other activities throughout the BYOVERSE.


BYOCrafts are 3D, game-ready vehicles with future use in the BYOVERSE, as well as other metaverses and blockchain games.

Augmented Reality (AR)

BYOCrafts will be AR-enabled as we continue to roll out AR experiences for all our collections