1. Lands, Production and Resources

Managing resources


There are two types of materials you can collect in the BYOVerse: resources and ingredients. Resources are based on the biome (ore veins in mountains, rare flowers in jungles, etc.) and are available on both neutral and player-owned lands Ingredients are based on the BYOPill used to mint BYOLand, and are generally only available in player-owned lands (and more rarely in neutral lands deep into the wilderness)

Region-based resource scarcity

Not all resources are easily accessible depending on which region of the BYOVerse you are in. This means that players will have to establish trade routes to supply regions that lack certain types of resources, using the means of transportation at their disposal.

On the other hand, ingredients will become available in various regions of the world depending on player choices during the land selection. We hope that this double layer of materials will create interesting situations for the player-driven economy of the BYOVerse.

There will be storage in towns and in BYOLand bases to deposit resources, ingredients or other inventory items.


  • Both resources and ingredients will be required in most crafting activities.
  • Crafting activities will mostly occur in towns, where crafting stations can be upgraded by players who invest resources in them
  • The most difficult crafting (highest tiers) will require advanced crafting stations that can only be found in the BYOP Facility, a place hidden in dangerous regions of the world that players will have to discover themselves
  • At some point later in the game, players will be able to make standard crafting stations in their BYOLands base

BYOEnergy and Stability


Lands in the BYOVerse are alive, and they react to how they are treated. If they are exploited too much, this might result in violent environmental reactions: increase of the environmental hazards and/or of the numbers and dangerousness of the fauna, etc.


The level of BYOEnergy is a parameter that evolves on various scales, both at the land or territory level and at the region and world level. BYOEnergy helps to measure various activities or phenomena on lands and territories. When the level of BYOEnergy varies, it can trigger various events that simulate, in a way, the reaction of the environment.

What impacts the BYOEnergy field? Here are a few examples:

  • When a crafted Pill is consumed, it creates a disturbance
  • When a Master Pill is used, it creates a great disturbance
  • When resources are extracted from BYOLand, it creates a disturbance

The BYOEnergy field is usually more stable around towns and outposts, and the deeper you go into the wilderness, the more unstable it becomes, increasing the chances of encountering Anomalies. However, the spikes in BYOEnergy also mean potential increase in resource production. This is an important aspect of land management as settling into the wilderness will represent a harder risk/reward ratio that will require deeper player investment and logistics.


Anomalies are events that can occur as a consequence of disturbances in the BYOEnergy field. Some Anomalies can be nice opportunities for the players to exploit, or dangerous tides of monsters that require coordination to be eliminated.

Examples of potential Anomalies:

  • waves of attacks on the closest outpost / town / land base
  • expeditions to uncover valuable resource caches (temporary procedural dungeons)
  • Tempest or other environmental events that can
    • increase the environmental hazards (cold wave, heat wave, rain, wind, radioactive spike…)
    • spawn creatures that will swarm a land and consume its resources/ingredients

Anomalies can occur on both neutral and player-owned lands. Moreover, some small parts of the BYOVerse will not be accessible for land selection, usually due to their far distance from any town/outpost. This will allow us to reserve areas for other unannounced gameplay features.

Grouping BYOLands


Grouping BYOLands of the same biome can increase their production rate, but again, the BYOVerse is not a safe haven, and an advantage can also bring a drawback more often than not. In the case of BYOLand grouping, the surge in production will also result in a surge of BYOEnergy instability, thus requiring a cautious care of the land to protect it against potential Anomalies. Therefore, you will not benefit from production rate boosts when more than four lands are grouped together as further grouping would create unsustainable conditions for your BYOLands.