1. Land Selection FAQ


Wen Land Selection?

Land selection will take place on August 26th, 2022 @ 10am EST / 7am PST and will be open indefinitely until further notice.

How will Land Selection work?

Please watch the below video.

How many parcels of land can you select in one transaction?

You are able to select up to 4 parcels of land in one gasless transaction. However, keep in mind that not all land parcels might be selected successfully if other players selected the land and approved the transaction before you. Having a limit of 4 helps limit the number of failed gasless transactions.

A pop-up message will appear once you approve your selections that show you which parcels were selected successfully and which parcels failed to get selected.

What happens once you select your parcel(s) of land?

After a successful transaction, the parcel(s) of land will be highlighted in black in the map explorer, indicating that they have been selected while also rendering them unselectable. Hovering over the selected parcel of land will provide information such as which BYOLand has been selected, zone, region and coordinates.

Meanwhile, the BYOLand that has been placed in a specific parcel of land will have its metadata update on OpenSea and other exchanges. The metadata will reveal the BYOLands’ coordinates and region.

Where can I learn everything I need for land selection?

All the information you need to make a more informed decision when selecting your land parcel can be found in here

What is the difference between Ingredients and Resources?

Ingredients are unique to each BYOLand and can only be found on player-owned lands and perhaps deep in the wilderness. Resources are unique to each Biome and can be found in both, player-owned lands and across the BYOVerse.

How will the adjacent land production boost work?

• Having adjacent lands, regardless of Biome, will enable you to build specific structures on top of lands that belong to you or your guild, linking them together in the process and allowing for production boosts. Your adjacent lands will allow you to use “production optimization” tech, after unlocking it, in the land management skill tree.

• The land production boost will be progressive, with minimal boost at start and the ability to unlock boost upgrades up to a maximum boost value based on how many adjacent lands you have.

• Production boosts only apply to BYOLand ingredients. However, these boosts can indirectly interact with the resources on your land, temporarily modifying their growth rates or changing their effects.

What are the limits to adjacent land production boosts?

Production boost applies to clusters of land, up to 4 adjacent lands. That means having a 5th land adjacent to the initial cluster of 4 would not have any boost, unless the 5th land forms another cluster with the 6th,7th or up to the 8th land (forming another cluster of 4).

What is considered “adjacent land”?

North, South, East and West side of your land. Parcels that only touch diagonally don’t count as adjacent. Straight lines, L-formations and squares/rectangles (2x2s,3x3s, 2x3s, etc.) are all examples of parcel formations that count towards land production boosts.

How do BYOEnergy levels differ across the BYOVerse?

In general, the BYOEnergy field is usually more stable around towns and outposts, and the deeper you go into the wilderness, the more unstable it becomes, increasing the chances of encountering Anomalies. However, the spikes in BYOEnergy also mean potential increase in resource production. This is an important aspect of land management as settling deeper into the wilderness will represent a harder risk/reward ratio that will require deeper player investment and logistics.

For more information on BYOEnergy levels and its impacts, read here

What lands are considered unselectable?

Towns, outposts, roads, rivers, deep wilderness zones and edges of the world.

Can I travel on water?

In general, water surrounding the BYOVerse is considered deep waters and cannot be traveled on. However, waters along the coastline and around islands are considered shallow waters and can be traveled on using vehicles such as a BYOCraft. You can better identify deep and shallow waters in the updated map below. Beware however, as shallow waters does not guarantee safe travels, especially ones in the wilderness!

Updated BYOVERSE map

Updated BYOVERSE map.

Will I be able to move my BYOLand location in the future?

Yes, you will be able to move the location of your BYOLand parcels in the future. However, moving will be costly both in terms of in-game currency and loss of land management progression.

What are the advantages of being close to trade routes?

Being close to trade routes means one doesn’t have to build their own road to connect it to the main road network. Meanwhile, those who have their lands closer to the wilderness might have to build their own roads due to slowing and deteriorating effects of driving off-road.

What are the advantages of being close to a river?

Water in the BYOVerse will be one of the basic resources for survival, similar to food and oxygen, and will be more or less scarce depending on the Biome and its humidity levels. Thus, being close to a river means easier access to water. However, water can also be extracted in dry biomes using several techniques such as wind traps or can also be purchased in markets scattered across the BYOVerse as they get supplied via trade routes.

The current map only showcases main rivers, however these rivers will be fed by smaller rivers providing more access to water sources throughout the map.

What are the advantages for having land in higher altitudes?

In general, being located in higher altitudes can help with long-distance scanning capabilities. If some scanning abilities are impeded by terrain, getting on top of a hill or mountain will make it more useful at spotting potential threats/targets in advance. However, one does not need to have land in higher altitudes for that specific reason as anyone can scan from high elevations if needed.

How is BYOEnergy impacted by the overpopulation of a specific area?

In general, BYOEnergy is a very dynamic system that is impacted by several factors including - but not limited to - player activity and land production. The more players and land owners are active in a specific area , the more BYOEnergy instability it will cause. In some cases, BYOEnergy levels can even temporarily go as high as what can be encountered in the wild. However, an area near a town/outpost that is overcrowded will have lower levels of BYOEnergy instability vs. an area that is overcrowded near the wild.