The Bell Tower

Visible from almost everywhere in the Crucible, the Bell Tower is undeniably the most important place in the BYOVerse.

The Old Monastery

The history of the BYOVerse, or rather what is currently known of it, is being written down in this monastery hidden at the heart of these old mountains.

The Big Tree

Old tales mention the very first tree of the BYOverse, a living memory of every generation. Is it still there? Did it survive the decay of the now-called Sick Forest? No one knows…

The BYOP Facility

This place is where Boris conducted many of its experiments, and is said to mysteriously disappear and reappear in other places.

Mount Founders

Some say that after the dark days when the ancient civilization collapsed, a few Ancients that survived gathered there and decided to rebuild the world. But it is more likely that the eruption of this massive volcano was the event that made the ancient civilization “founder” completely.


This coliseum is a recent construction where the most blunt adventurers risk their lives in dangerous fights.

The BYOVault

Only a few logs found in the Bell Tower mention this hidden place. It is supposed to serve as the last bastion of civilization in the case of dire emergency. To find it would probably give many answers about the troubled past of the BYOVerse.

Academy / Proving Grounds

This is where Apostles awaken to the BYOVerse and have to prove their worth before exploring the rest of the world.

The Gift

The local hunters repeat the old tale about a meteor fallen from the sky, given by some god as a gift that created this immense lake. The surrounding area indeed is blessed by thriving and unique fauna and flora, but some claim it is unnatural and the depths of the lake should be investigated.

The Ruins

These ruins of an ancient city now covered by sand and ashes are said to hide an awful secret about the past of the Apostles.

Crash Site

Whatever fell from the sky was so massive that it reshaped the entire region. But the most concerning fact about it are the radiations that come from the wreckage… but are there only radiations?

Heat Circuit

This is where those addicted to speed meet and challenge each other in races as dangerous as the surrounding desert.