This page seeks to aid newcomers with a quick overview and introduction to the BYO universe

As always, let us begin with the BYOPills. The most central part to the project. The first and most powerful NFT within the collection. And the NFT which has gone on to provide its holders with so much value.

Below you will find an infographic that illustrates the utility of BYOPills as of today:

Overview of BYOPills utility

Overview of BYOPills utility.

Credit: f0xboss.

From the infographic above we see that every equation on the right side starts with a pill. As the project set out on its journey to create a game-world of its own, the pill was a necessity in all drops and mints for the BYOVERSE (excluding the BYOLand public sale).

The BYOPills collection can ‘hypothetically’ be integrated into any blockchain gaming project. We’ve already seen numerous partnerships this year such as:

And it is expected that more will occur in the future. BYOPills are infinitely scalable with the Metaverse.

As both partnerships scale, and the BYOVERSE continues to develop, pill holders will be rewarded the most.

We shall now move our attention over to the recent developments of the BYOVERSE. I’ll start with perhaps one of the most important aspects of the project to grasp. The thing that newcomers need to understand the most. That is, the philosophy behind the game development.

Below you will find an infographic that illustrates the differences in approach to game development between a ‘traditional game’ and the ‘BYOPhilosophy’. Take a moment to study the difference in the two mentioned approaches:

Differences in approach to game development

Differences in approach to game development.

Credit: f0xboss.

The BYOPills team are approaching the development of their game-world completely differently to traditional games. We (as consumers) are accustomed to going to the shops, or even the online store, to buy a ready-to-play game. However, it is different here…

Long story short, we are on a journey together with the BYOPills team. Step by step, the BYOPills team do their best to include the community along this magnificent voyage of developing the BYOVERSE. We have seen exceptional examples of this (e.g. The Bell and Komo Caves).

Now let’s move onto the developments of the BYOVERSE itself. Attached below is an infographic of a BYOBreakdown of all of the NFTs within the BYOEcosystem (as of now). this includes:

I would recommend taking a minute to read through this list to understand the utility of each NFT.

BYOBreakdown of all NFTs within the BYOEcosystem

BYOBreakdown of all NFTs within the BYOEcosystem.

Credit: f0xboss.

The development of the BYOVERSE has been exceptionally exciting this year. And the whole of the BYOCommunity are over the moon with both how far this project has come, and how far it has to go. Attached below is another infographic to show you how everything came to fruition.

Web of how everything BYO came to life

Web of how everything BYO came to life.

Credit: f0xboss.

It is worth checking out this short video linked below that was compiled at an earlier date. Here, it shows the competency of the team by displaying 3D models of the Apostles, and early in-game footage of the BYOVERSE.

Whilst there is always much to discuss, we shall fast forward to the latest development of the BYOVERSE ecosystem: BYOLand. BYOLand was a huge success, with over 7,700~ lands solid via private mint, and the rest via the public sale.

The BYOLand sell out has sparked a new series of interest in the project… and we all know that ‘land’ is a particular buzzword within the NFTsphere. You can read more about the future utility of BYOLand in the illustration below.

What can BYOLand be used for

It is also important to understand that all BYOLand are based off of the properties of BYOPills.

  • Pill top = Land terrain.
  • Pill ingredient = Resource grown on land.
  • Sum of trip effects = Abundancy of land.

There are 16 zones that have been disclosed via the recent metadata update for the BYOLand. These 16 zones are outlined below, and the corresponding pill tops for each zone are also included. The next phase includes choosing land position on the map.

BYOLand Zone Breakdown by Pill Top

BYOLand Zone Breakdown by Pill Top.

Credit: f0xboss.

So, what is next? Check below to see what is next in-store for us in the near future.

  • Phase 3 of BYOLand (land selection + map reveal)
  • BYOCraft airdrop
  • $TRYP economics
  • Staking Apostles for $TRYP generation
  • Staking BYOLand for $TRYP generation
  • Apostles AR through Trip Replicator app
  • BYOVERSE leaks

Remember to be patient and enjoy the journey that we are all on. I encourage you to go back to the BYOPhilosophy diagram and understand that we are being included in the development of a mind-blowing game (as opposed to sitting in the dark wondering when it’ll be released).

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