1. Exploring the BYOVerse


Survival Mechanics

Each biome (previously known as zone) has its own characteristics, and dangerosity increases with rarity. This means that at the start of the game it will be very difficult, or even near impossible, to explore the more dangerous biomes without adequate preparation. Therefore, all players will start the game in an area called The Proving Grounds.

After some time and progression throughout the various game systems, characters will get tougher and will be able to more easily cross dangerous regions.

Important note for BYOLand owners: Although you will be able to teleport to your land at the very start of the game, you will not be able to explore and benefit from it to its full extent as long as you have not obtained the means to survive to its dangerous biome. In your land’s base, you will be protected, but getting out of your base unprepared will be at your own risk.

Movement Mechanics

We believe that the means of transportation for you and your belongings are another important element to factor in the land selection process. Indeed, moving between towns, outposts and lands, bringing resources along with you, to sell, trade or use them, will require some logistics. Where your BYOLand is positioned in the BYOVerse will have an impact on these logistics. Therefore, we want to provide movement mechanics that fit with your expectations and needs, but also with our vision of the BYOVerse both in terms of balance between players and global player experience.

Walking / Running

  • Stamina is a character resource used when performing physical activities such as fighting, sprinting or collecting resources
  • The default walking/running movement costs no stamina
  • Sprinting causes regular stamina loss (and internal temperature increase)
  • Some environmental hazards may impact stamina loss/regeneration
  • Heat increases the stamina loss rate
  • Humidity slows running speed, but decreases risk of dehydration
  • Drought increases running speed, but accelerates dehydration
  • Stamina and speed will also slightly vary between the various types of Apostles (for example, Ancients might be slower but more resistant to fatigue)


  • BYOCrafts can be used everywhere but will underperform when driven outside of roads
  • When used on roads, BYOCrafts utilize their full stats and little to no deterioration will occur
  • When used in the wild (outside roads), BYOCrafts have reduced speed and deteriorate faster: Mountainous terrains inflict damage while other biome hazards may also inflict damage or apply various debuffs
  • BYOCrafts have a limited cargo capacity which can be trespassed at the cost of speed and power consumption
  • BYOCraft resistance (and cargo capacity) may be improved in various ways by investing resources to craft consumable boosters or enhanced BYOCraft parts. Different BYOCraft types will also have different initial levels of resistance and cargo capacity.


  • Teleportation is a skill that is unlocked in the character skill tree that allows the use of certain crafted pills to perform teleportation. Teleportation is accessible to every type of character. However, Voyagers start with some skill points already allocated to that skill.
  • Teleportation can also be performed by activating a Master Pill (one of the 10k NFT BYOPills), teleporting the holder to his/her respective BYOLands, or from the lands to any other location on the map
  • Due to the unstable level of BYOEnergy in the wilderness, teleportation only works to/from a town/outpost that has already been discovered or to/from the player’s BYOLand
  • There is a different cooldown for Master Pill-based teleportation and character skill-based teleportation
  • There is no real limit to the amount of load you can carry when teleporting, however teleportation has a price that depends on how much you carry with you