What is the BYOKey?

A BYOKeys main functionality grants one access to the Apostle’s armory. Utilizing the BYOKey with an unclaimed BYOPill allows you to claim yourself a Genesis Apostle.


Instrumental in founding the BYOVERSE civilization, the BYOKey is a prized artifact. On August 26th, 2021, a snapshot was taken for eligibility to claim a BYOKey. On September 9th, the claim window was activated and was closed on September 14th. This event resulted in 7,642 BYOKeys being minted into existence, leaving 2,355 BYOKeys lost forever when the mint was permanently closed. As such, it is envisaged that not all the remaining supply will be burnt to create new Apostles. Instead, collectors may choose to hold the token for both its symbolic and rarity values.


Claim Apostle

A one-time use ERC-1155 token manufactured by the BYOP Research Facility. Its use in conjunction with a BYOPill gave birth to the first inhabitants of the BYOVERSE, the Genesis Apostles. The BYOKey 0 grants the holder the power to bring an Apostle into existence. As mentioned in “Quick History”, ONLY 7,642 BYOKeys exist, allowing ONLY 7,642 Genesis Apostles that can be brought into creation!

BYOKey + BYOPill (Unclaimed) = Apostle

Check if your pill has been used on knowyourtryp.com by entering your pill ID in the search input field and look for “Apostle not yet claimed”. If this is the case then your BYOPill is eligible for claiming an Apostle with a BYOKey.

After the process of creation of your Apostle, the BYOKey will become burned, and this will leave your BYOPill marked as being “claimed,” which cannot be used again with another BYOKey.

Note: Apostles consist of four tiers Lastly, keep in mind based on the limited supply of BYOKey’s on the marketplace, it’s strongly encouraged to look deeper into Apostles and seek out a rare BYOPill (Unclaimed) to increase your luck. Safe Travels Pillager!