BYOPills has announced and established a partnership with NFT2040 on February 18, 2022.


Introduction to NFT2040

NFT2040 is a first-person shooter, blockchain based, battle royal game for NFTs and very similar to Counter-Strike. NFT2040 is shaped by the community and has 2 game modes including:

  • Casual: Players play for free & for fun
  • Mercenary: Paid entry in NFT2040’s native utility coin, $AMMO, with rewards shared among the best players.

The game is currently live in beta and is only playable by Genesis Crate holders. Genesis Crates offer additional special perks including $AMMO token yield, exclusive drops, and feature requests.

Once the full game is launched, they will release Access Crates to allow players to enter the game with mint costs <$50.

Partnership Utility


Apostles, and all the tiers, will be fully integrated as playable characters in their game (see trailer below!).


BYOPills will provide exclusive in-game skins (such as an unstable pill grenade).

Air Support

Future air support will be provided by BYOCraft integration.


We will develop a BYOPills-themed map so all you pillagers can feel right at home.