Lostboys are their own harshest critics and loudest supporters – they seem confident but work overtime to quiet their insecurities. They calm their chronic dissatisfaction through relentless self-reflection.

Lostboys are dreamers, navigating their day to day with their feet on the ground, but their heads elsewhere. They’re the extroverted introverts, surrounded by people but hanging out in their minds.

A lostboy is a pessimistic optimist - always hopeful for better days, yet easily triggered by external negativity.


They aim to create a community of people who have picked themselves up more times than they can count and came out stronger every single time.

The goal is to develop an echo chamber that acts as a virtual safe space - a judgement free zone where there’s a multitude of people who want to listen to each other’s struggles. A space where you may find guidance, and you might find comfort, but will always find the freedom to express yourself.

How Does the Partnership Work?

BYOPills Studios will be integrating Lost Boy LoFi into future versions of the Trip Replicator mobile app, allowing each collector to not only trip out their environment/avatars, but also add a whole new element of music to their trips.


Partnership Update 01/19/2022

As part of the initial partnership with Lost Boy, a music collective & mental health resource NFT project, they have created the first track of the BYOVERSE, “The First Morning”. You can listen to it below:

Music is a crucial element to the BYOVERSE in-game experience meaning that the team will continue to work with Lost Boy to bring their music expertise to develop an amazing soundtrack for these long BYOVERSE journeys.