FAQ 21/12/2021

What's the best NFT to buy to get started in this project?

For the BYOVERSE, the game itself, Land is a good way to start as you get your own land generating resources in the world of which you get a cut, and will allow you to play the game and earn.

BYOPill is a good way to enter the project as a whole, as it acts as consumables in an expanding list of blockchain games, including the BYOVERSE, and also acts as the access to future BYOVERSE-related airdrops (e.g. Apostles, BYOCrafts, land private sale)

Where can I find more information about everything being built here?

The first place to start is the official website.

After that, it’s worth checking through the list of awesome community resources:

I've held my pills for a long time but haven't been around much recently. Can I still mint a BYOVape?

Yes. On 16/12/21, the team took a snapshot of all pill holding wallets. For each pill held in your wallet during that snapshot, you can claim a BYOVape. You can check how many vapes your are eligible for (or have claimed) here:


This claim window will be open until shortly prior to the BYOCraft launch which will be announced at a future date.

Wen BYOCraft?

Expected in February!

Now that the BYOLand mint has finished, what's the purpose of a BYOVape? Why should I hold one?

You should definitely continue to hold your BYOVape if you want maximum exposure to the project. It’ll give you access to certain areas of the BYOVERSE, power-up certain items and make you eligible to receive a BYOCraft airdrop. BYOEncryption is important. More info here.

Can I still mint a Genesis Apostle?

Apostle minting is still open. You need two things; an ‘unclaimed’ BYOPill and an Access Key.

An ‘unclaimed’ BYOPill is one that hasn’t been used to mint an Apostle yet. You can check whether a pill is claimed/unclaimed on this link, by clicking the menu icon in the top right and entering the pill ID.

Access Keys can be purchased here. The Access Key will get burned during the mint process.